About Us

The Howe Family

Howe Farming Enterprises Pty Ltd produces fine quality Bananas, Avocados, Sugar Cane and Coffee. Peanuts and Maize are also grown between main crop cycles and Blueberries are currently undergoing trial.

Howe Farming originated when Tom Howe met Yola De Felice in Sydney during the Second World War. They got married in 1946 and moved up to Bilwon, north of Mareeba, in 1949 on a soldier’s settlement loan. There they grew tobacco, tomatoes, watermelon, pumpkins and capsicum. All of this was farmed with flood irrigation and ploughed by a single horse called Charlie. By the early 70s, the Howe Family had expanded to eight children and another property near Emerald Ck, east of Mareeba.

In 1975, they sold everything and moved to Chewko Rd, Walkamin; where the rich, volcanic, red soil and ideal climate aided successful seasons of peanuts, maize and pumpkins. It wasn’t long however before Tom’s health deteriorated and the eldest son, Dennis, was obliged to step in at the age of twenty-two. Dennis has always believed in diversity and after many years of ups and downs growing potatoes, navy beans, avocados, lychees, coffee, onions, garlic and many other broad-acre crops, peanuts remained Howe Farming’s main crop until 1998.

Howe Farming established the first Cavendish banana plantation on the Atherton Tableland in 1995 and now grow bananas over three locations throughout the Walkamin and Mareeba area. Howe Farming owes a lot of their success to fertile soil, high altitude and hard work; and is proud to be marketed by MacKay’s Banana Marketing since 2011.