About Us

The MacKay Family

Our family business began when Granddad, Stanley Mackay, moved to Tully seeking work as a sugarcane labourer after World War 2.

Shortly after arriving in 1945 he leased just over an acre block, hand cleared it and began what has become a family tradition that has lasted for over 68 years. It has since evolved to become the modern North Queensland Banana Industry. Stanley’s two sons John and Robert eventually took over the family business and today John’s sons Barrie and Gavin, and Robert’s sons Stephen, Cameron, Daniel, and their brother-in-law Mark together manage MacKay’s, Australia’s largest and most significant banana producer. Continuing in the family tradition their children (the fourth generation of MacKay’s) are now actively involved in the business and ensure we do what we do best, growing great Bananas and making sure that Australia is supplied with the freshest quality Australian Bananas year round.

With over 1100 hectares around the small town of Tully in Tropical North Queensland, we receive Australia’s highest rainfall and hot, humid conditions year round. We have also recently purchased a new farm up near Lakeland Downs.

As a family we are involved daily in the overall strategy and management of the operation and all of us are very appreciative of the 400 staff and their families who work with us year round. We live in a paradise of tropical beauty but the labour and logistics of our operations often make the conditions trying. We are committed to the environment, and make it our priority that our operations have as little an impact on the environment as possible so that the future generations can enjoy the land, rivers and oceans as we do.

Today our business focus remains to consistently grow and pack great quality bananas in large volumes. As a result we have nationally enjoyed loyal buyer support for our ‘MacKay’s’ family brand over many years.

While bananas are our primary crop we also successfully farm Red flesh Papaya, Sugar Cane and Cattle.