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Who is MacKay’s Banana Marketing?

In 2001 MacKay’s Banana Marketing (MBM) was established as a separate business entity to manage all banana marketing and sales from a cooperative of large scale farming families.

The rationale was to have a dedicated specialist team to manage the marketing and customer interaction aspects of the businesses. This allowed each family to do what they do best, growing some of Australia’s best Bananas whist still maintaining control of distribution to customers nationally.

Today MBM remains true to its grower ownership, focusing on managing extensive high quality produce for its customers. In maintaining this commitment our influence has expanded to include:

  • An empowered team of professionals in five offices nationally
  • Banana supply security through geographically strategic acquisitions and partnerships
  • Marketing the largest percentage of Australia’s total banana crop
  • Managing 100% of the fruit for no less than ten, 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation growers
  • Collaborative direct supply arrangements with National clients (retailers and wholesalers)
  • Logistical and facilities management to ensure 52 week supply to all six states and territories
  • Launch and ownership of 2 consumer brands – ‘Smart Bananas™’ and ‘Reblo™
  • World class Quality Assurance and Conditioning protocols to ensure consumer safety and enjoyment
  • A commitment to actively improving the Australian banana industry as a whole through constant and dynamic innovation