Our Products

The MacKay’s name is synonymous with supplying fresh quality Bananas  from Far North Queensland. Using geographical and climatic variation with time targeted growing practices we supply bananas nation-wide 365 days of the year. An extraordinary amount of focus and dedication is required from our team on a daily basis to ensure that Australia’s number one loved fresh food is available every day. Our other fresh produce products supplied by our group are:

Smart Bananas™


Utilising the latest in fresh packing technology we also pack a consumer branded banana in micro environment packaging. This packaging maximises the shelf life of the bananas and enhances taste and smoothness for a superior eating experience. Learn more at: www.smartbanana.com.au

Reblo™ Red Flesh Papaya and Red Hill™ Red Flesh Papaya

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Requiring a tropical climate similar to that of bananas, this special variety of the little known red flesh papaya was developed by the MacKay family. With a smooth fleshed tropical sweetness and amazing health benefits, Reblo™ proves that healthy eating can also taste beautiful. Learn more at: www.reblo.com.au Learn more at: www.redhill.com.au

Grown in the perfect conditions of Far North Queensland, we’re proud to bring you the 100% Australian, Ruby Rise™ Red Papaya. Ruby Rise™ Red Papaya is an amazingly healthy way to bring colour and tropical flavour to your breakfast table and everyday recipes. Learn more at www.rubyrise.com.au

Longevity Road

Longevity Road

Our No-Nonsense Far North Queensland Banana is packed freshly and shipped around the nation for all Australians to enjoy. We understand the health benefits of Bananas and the importance of having a balanced diet, and nothing is quicker than a Banana for a healthy snack on the go. Visit the Longevity Road website for a greater insight into how your Banana made its way from the tree to you and every step in between. This a fantastic resource for children and teachers alike. Learn more at: www.longevityroad.com.au

Little Sana Bananas™

Little Sana Bananas are purposely chosen for their size and eating characteristics. They are grown at the lower end of the bunch, making them smaller in size than regular bananas they still contain all the natural nutritional qualities of its big brother, the regular Cavendish bananas. Their small size and sweet taste make them a hit with children (perfect size for the school lunch box) or those with a smaller appetite, meaning less waste. They are the perfect little convenient snack for everyone!