Supplier onboarding with Eftsure

Read on to learn more about how we protect supplier payments against fraud and error.

What is Eftsure?

Eftsure is a B2B payment protection service, which we also use to streamline and protect our supplier on boarding process. Whether a threat originates from within our organisation, a supplier or a third-party organisation, Eftsure helps protect our supplier base and reduces the risk of payment error, fraud attempts and cyber-crime. Eftsure’s alert system helps us avoid paying fraudsters instead of the correct recipients, lowering your risk of delayed payment.  

What is our verification process?

Depending on whether your business has already been verified by our payment protection partner, Eftsure, you may receive a digital invitation and/or form. This process, powered by Eftsure, helps make verification easier and minimises the legwork of ad hoc documentation requests or paperwork. It also helps protect your company and Mackays Marketing from cyber-crime attempts.

We already completed the onboarding we still need to register through Eftsure?

If you’re an existing partner to Mackays Marketing you might still need to register with Eftsure. This is to protect both of our organisations from risks like external cyber-crime and employee error during the payment process. Once your details are verified by Eftsure, you will not need to be re-verified with any of your other customers who use Eftsure’s solution, although other companies may choose to request additional information or documentation.

Is it safe to share my bank account details with Eftsure?

Yes. Eftsure follows best practices for securing data and its systems. It has been vetted by numerous industry leaders and is regularly audited and penetration-tested by external security specialists.

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